Our Services

Ansbacher is the oldest private bank in The Bahamas, founded in 1957. It is autonomous, with the freedom and flexibility to work independently to deliver bespoke financial solutions.

Ansbacher (Bahamas) offers private banking, tailored financing, investment management and fiduciary services and specializes in the creation and management of trusts, companies and other fiduciary structures in offshore and onshore jurisdictions. The Bahamas, just 50 miles from the US with direct flights to New York, Toronto, Montreal and London, offers a financial industry born out of a respect for confidentiality in financial affairs and a tax neutral environment. The jurisdiction boasts regulatory and compliance standards comparable to those of major financial centres across the globe.

The Bahamas is a sovereign nation with a long history of political stability, a cadre of skilled  professionals, good infrastructure and a service-oriented work force.It comes as no surprise that  The Bahamas is the recipient of the Best International Financial Centre in the Western Hemisphere award from the Financial Times Group publication.