Fiduciary Services

Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited offers individuals and families a wide variety of services designed to maintain their personal wealth without worry.

Our services not only protect individuals and families from life’s uncertainties and changing economic conditions, they help them by providing tailored solutions to meet each specific need as life circumstances change from time to time.

  • Private Investment Companies:  Private Investment Companies are established primarily to hold personal assets. These Private Investment Companies can provide benefits such as confidentiality, limited liability, continuity of management and consolidation of assets.
  • Trusts:  Trusts are confidential legal entities for structuring ownership of assets to secure benefits of wealth. They are tailored to meet each individuals and/or familys needs. They allow for flexible control of assets thus allowing families to obtain current and future benefits. They provide for a number of benefits including: confidentiality, wealth preservation and growth for the next generation, avoidance of complex and lengthy probate proceedings and maintenance of assets for those who cannot hold them (i.e. minors).
  • Foundations:  Foundations have the characteristics of both trusts and companies. Comparable to trusts, foundations may be established by Charter or by Will and may have beneficiaries and be used to avoid forced heirship in other jurisdictions. However, unlike trusts, they do not have the number of years of accumulated precedents. Like companies, foundations have limited liability and must be registered.