Private Banking

Creative solutions to complicated situations, helping you and your family manage your wealth for today and tomorrow.

International Private Banking is more than deposits and loans. Its about providing the personal service essential after you achieve a certain level of wealth. Its about finding creative solutions to complicated situations to help you and your family manage your wealth today and develop new sources of wealth for future generations. We offer traditional banking services including deposit products and short term investments, foreign exchange products, and business services. Our private bankers appreciate the many specific financial requirements of international clients, and will craft tailored solutions to meet your particular needs.

  • Multi-Currency Accounts: Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited offers a range of bank accounts. These include:

Overdraft facilities
Term deposits from 7 days to 1 year
Personally negotiated overdrafts
Foreign exchange services
Minimum deposit of (USD) 1,000,000 or equivalent
Current accounts available in multi-currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, AUD, CHF
Standing Orders
Online Banking

  • Specialist Lending: As a client of Ansbacher Bahamas, you can take advantage of our specialist lending facilities. The Bank can provide tailor made lending facilities designed to maximize your lifestyle.
  • Secured Lending: Ansbacher’s Secured Lending provides a flexible yet simple way to utilize an investment portfolio to raise competitively priced financing. Facilities can be advanced in most major currencies secured upon a selection of securities or investment funds within a portfolio or cash on deposit. This type of lending may be used to achieve leverage, establish a standing line of credit or for personal tax planning.
  • Global Custody: Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited offers expertise in Global Custody, a wide range of services which allow investors to monitor, control and analyze their investment portfolios through the centralization of investments within one bank, irrespective of where or how those assets are managed. As Global Custodians, our primary responsibility is to provide a single point of contact for all investment information. We safe-keep your financial assets, facilitate trade settlement, collect all respective entitlements and provide accurate and timely records of all holdings and activities relating to your investment portfolio. The direct benefits offered by this approach include consolidated reporting of investments, economies of scale and reduced administrative costs.A further advantage of Global Custody is the simplicity with which investment decisions can be implemented. Your portfolio can be restructured and new asset managers appointed without the need to transfer any assets from one institution to another. This also reduces the risks, costs and delays associated with inter-bank transfers. Assistance can be provided in setting up company and trust structures and you will be able to access consolidated information on assets, investment performance, compliance and accounting information at all times. Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited offers Global Custody services a la carte, giving you total flexibility of choice according to your needs and preferences.
  • Brokerage Services: In our ever changing market environment individuals often need qualified investment advice to ensure the preservation and growth of their assets. Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited provides a comprehensive array of brokerage services, combining competitive rates and outstanding service. We can provide equity, fixed income or balanced portfolios that are tailored to your specific goals and constraints. Investors may also choose to only use our securities trading and custody services. Ansbacher Bahamas delivers efficient and safe trading with personalized service, giving the client access to international securities markets.
  • Fund Administration: Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited can facilitate the establishment of mutual funds through a local Fund Administrator.